Everyone talks about New Year's Resolutions. My favorite joke is about the New Year's Resolutions Gym concept. It is a gym during January and February, then converts to a bar & night club for several months until just before Thanksgiving. Then it becomes a holiday buffet for the rest of the year. Interested investors can contact me.

Be it resolvedAttorney@Work has decided to suggest some good resolutions for lawyers. Every work day this week for their Be It Resolved feature, they have posted suggested resolutions from practice management advisors, technology experts and other lawyer coaches. Today's final offering includes "global strategy and marketing expert Gerry Riskin, practice management advisor Jim Calloway, ethics counsel Megan Zavieh, legal marketing consultant Susan Kostal, and New York lawyer and wellness writer Jamie Spannhake." This is a diverse group and I am sure we can all agree that Attorney@Work saved the best for last. The week's resolutions have been excellent and Attorney@Work has combined all 22 ideas into a free downloadable ebook, Be It Resolved.