Cyber Security for Small Firms and Solo Practices is a topic I was recently asked to discuss as a guest on the Digital Detectives podcast. As most of you know, I have co-hosted the Digital Edge podcast for many years with Sharon Nelson of Sensei Enterprises. This time the tables were turned as Sharon and her husband John W. Simek hosted me on their podcast. Let me also add that discussing cybersecurity with John and Sharon is somewhat akin to teaching a class on religion to the Pope.

But the topic of cybersecurity is extremely important and many lawyers now know someone who has endured a serious data breach or digital disaster. We see almost daily news reports about businesses and other organizations being hacked and their private information exposed, so this is a critical topic for law firms of all sizes. Ransomware is a new threat that requires a good understanding of how to prevent these attacks and how to recover from them.

I include in the podcast my top five cybersecurity tips for solo and small firm lawyers along with a range of other topics. It is free and you can listen to the podcast via the Legal Talk Network or subscribe to it on iTunes. I hope you enjoy it.

LockedDown2nd-cBut there’s an additional opportunity to learn about information security and get some continuing legal education credits at the same time.  Locked Down: Practical Information Security for Lawyers, will be presented as a live webcast from the Oklahoma Bar Association on September 7 at noon Central Time.

The presenters will be John Simek and Sharon Nelson of Sensei Enterprises. They, along with David Ries, are the co-authors of the 2016 book, Locked Down: Practical Information Security for Lawyers, Second Edition. I’m grateful that Sharon and John are doing this for Oklahoma Bar Association members, but it is a live webcast so anyone can attend online. If you’re not an OBA member, to enroll you must place a phone call to our CLE registrar Renée Mongomery at 405-416-7029 during business hours, Central time.