Jordan Furlong returns to blogging at his blog after an 18 month break. if you don't know who Jordan is, you can check here. But he is well-known in my professional circles as an engaging presenter and writer on topics relating to the future of law, the future of the delivery of legal services and other changes in the legal profession. (Yes, he is one of those "scary" futurist writers.) Jordan stayed busy during his bogging hiatus as he noted in his return to blogging announcement.

I wanted to note one of his recent posts and since Jordan sometimes makes references to songs and musicians during his posts, I have, as an homage, provided a musical link below to serve as background music for your reading of Jordan's post.

The intangible law firm begins: "Remember all those ludicrous predictions you kept hearing about how law firms were someday going to invest heavily in intelligent technology that could do legal work? Funny thing about that: someday is today. Here’s what’s actually happening, right now, with advanced technology in law firms…" 

See? I told you the background music would be helpful.

Welcome to the machine….