Digital Edge logoIn this episode of The Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology, Jim Calloway interviews lawyer and legal technology blogger/podcaster Bob Ambrogi about the lawyer’s duty B Ambrogi of technology competence, how it applies to discovery and confidentiality, and how technology can really benefit lawyers too. I always enjoy discussing legal technology with Bob and this podcast is a solo hosting effort since my podcast teammate, Sharon Nelson, had a conflict with scheduling at the ABA Midyear meeting where we recorded the podcast. If you are not familiar with Bob's LawSites Blog, you really should visit it regularly as it is most of the best sources on the subject of lawyers and their technology on the Internet. (Bob is also available for presentations to bar associations, bar and bat mitzvahs, graduations and the like.) 

I am aware many lawyers are concerned about this subject because they know that they are not technology experts. Well, let me assure you even the experts feel like they don't know everything they need to know. As we discuss in the podcast, it is more that lawyers need to understand the tools they use daily and also need to understand the risks of the Internet and other commonly-used technology so they can discuss these risks with their clients. You can be competent in this area by having people with these skills on your team.