We all recognize change is inevitable. Technology advancements have increased the pace of change.

In my recent column How is Your Law Practice Going to Change? I share a few thoughts on how the delivery of legal services is changing in ways that most lawyers would have never anticipated just a few Cant stop changeyears ago. From apps that provide legal information and services to non-profit law firms to changing consumer expectations, there is a lot of change happening in our corner of the world.

Lawyers need to pay attention to change as change definitely impacts your work and your law practices. A recently published survey of lawyers yields the result that many lawyers believe law firms will have largely adopted paperless processes as soon as 2020. That’s another major change. But most lawyers probably wouldn’t want to go back to the days when legal research involved going through many shelves of dusty books or having to hire a courier if you needed an important document to be delivered today. Changes get us out of our comfort zone. But that is not always a bad thing.