Dennis Kennedy, legal technology guru and former technology columnist for the ABA Journal, has announced his Blawggie Awards for 2014 — the 11th edition of the honor. In much the same way that prestigious art Dennis Kennedyexhibits often have a single judge, Dennis relies on his own expertise alone for the Blawggies. The competition is limited to blawgs Dennis actually reads and podcasts he has on his listening schedule.

Some readers may already suspect I am reminded to mention the Blawggies this year because, yes, I am a winner!! Dennis picked Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog as Best Law Practice Management Blog for 2014. I'd like to thank the Academy, well, OK, I'd like to thank Dennis. I also want to make special note of his choice for Best New Blawg of the year, John Simek’s Your IT Consultant. If you you were not aware of that new blawg, check it out.

Our Digital Edge podcast was also a runner up for Best Legal Podcast. it was a particular honor because we were second behind The Kennedy-Mighell Report. For those of you who still haven't made listening to podcasts a habit, let me point out an earlier edition of their podcast titled "The Fundamentals of Podcasts: Listening and Subscribing." Podcasts can be a great way to make productive use of timne driving or exercising, but only if you know how to subscribe to them so they are ready when you have a spare moment. This podcast tells you how to set everything up to listen and learn.