Adopting Mobile Technology – What Does that Mean for Today’s Lawyers? was my column last month in the Oklahoma Bar Journal. Although this was a very basic treatment of the topic, I hope lawyers and law firm managers appreciate that, for marketing purposes, how your law firm web site appears on smart phones and other mobile devices may be more important than how the site appears on a computer screen.

Hopefully my two opening examples make that point.

Two friends are having lunch. One is a former client. The other mentions a need to retain a lawyer. Your satisfied former client says that she used you and recommends you as a lawyer. Then she picks up her phone, does a quick search, locates your website and texts the site to the friend. The friend looks at the information on her phone for a moment and then they go back to lunch. The text message with the link remains on her phone.

Someone has had to bail a relative out of jail. As they leave the bondsman’s office, they are told there will be a court appearance in a few days and they will need to hire a lawyer. They sit in the car, discussing the situation. Neither of them has ever retained a lawyer before, nor can they think of anyone that they know who has. What happens next? One of them pulls out their phone, but not to make a phone call — at least not initially.

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