We have certainly seen many changes in the way business is done over the last few decades. Many of these have to do with the prominence of the Internet and other technological advances. But others have to do with consumer attitudes and expectations. Innovation is important for today's businesses. Encouraging innovative behavior in law firms can be a challenge.

I wrote Small Firm Lawyers and Innovation for the Oklahoma Bar Journal this month with several goals in mind. I wanted to share some thoughts about innovation with our members. I wanted to share Jordan Furlong's provocative blog post, Why Lawyer's Don't Innovate. I wanted to remind small firm lawyers that they can be more nimble in innovation than larger firms with layers of decision makers. And I wanted to share some off-the-wall ideas about innovative services lawyers might provide. I hope you enjoy the column.

(It is really hard to stay current when online communication is instantaneous. The Canadian Bar Association National Magazine posted a nice piece Why is the legal profession so slow to innovate? right after we published our print magazine. )