In my Oklahoma Bar Journal column, The Virtual Law Practice
− Are We All Virtual Lawyers Now?
I play around a bit with the term virtual
lawyers and ask some questions about what the term really means. Does it refer only
to online delivery of legal services, to lawyers who sometimes telecommute from home or to
lawyers who represent clients without physically ever meeting them? If the
latter is the case, then there were virtual lawyers before there was the Internet
and we are all virtual lawyers now. I do provide links to several great online resources
on virtual law practice. The links will hopefully atone for my irreverent
treatment of the term to some of the subject matter experts who created those

If you never want to be a virtual lawyer, you may still want
to read the article as it includes a special section for you called Virtual
Practice Tools for “Real” Lawyers.

Our most recent Digital Edge podcast also covers virtual law
practice. Bob Ambrogi is our guest and out topis is 2013 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report:
Has Virtual Lawyering Declined?
Sharon Nelson and I both have opinions
on this topic, so the podcast was more of a group discussion than interview.