I know "what I'm reading" is not a great title for a blog post. But I've noted a lot of good reading material that I wanted to pass along to you today.

Law Society of British Columbia's Cloud Computing Checklist Lawyers are quite correctly concerned about cloud computing because law practices deal with confidential client. But life is not risk-free and it is more a matter of balancing risks than eliminating them. This quite comprehensive checklist is the product of much obvious hard work and a worthwhile download for any lawyer. As the post introducing it notes, hopefully these checklists will shrink in size as the legal profession becomes more comfortable with the cloud and industry standards become more clearly defined.

Tips for Handling Client Funds Trust account problems are one of the top reasons lawyers are disciplined in the U.S. That is the opening sentence of this fine set of tips authored by Mark Bassingthwaighte, who is a risk manager with Attorney’s Liability Protection Society, Inc. (ALPS). There are some simple and clear tips included here and every lawyer who has a client trust should read this article, share it with other lawyers in the firm and set it aside to read it again this time next year.

Accepting Credit Cards on the Go The idea of swiping a credit card with your smart phone or tablet to accept a retainer fee or clients paying their bills online at night while you are sleeping is quite attractive to lawyers. But accepting credit cards can be a challenge for lawyers, especially if they want to accept mobile payments. This article will really help you get up to speed on how the process works. I admit to a bit of positive bias as the author is CEO of the company that provides our member credit card benefit here in Oklahoma. This has been a very popular member benefit.

An Attorney’s Guide to Engagement Agreements  Allison Shields recently wrote a series of posts about the essential elements of a retainer agreement or engagement letter. This is a compilation of all of the posts. She has very clear, brief and easy-to-read points.

Happy Reading!