Since I already made one blog post on the future of law practice this week, I decided I should mention that our most recent Digital Edge podcast is our 56th Edition, which was also about The Future of Law Practice. My podcast teammate, Sharon Nelson, interviewed me for a change of pace and added some of her comments on this important topic. Give the podcast a listen if you have time.

We have done a previous Digital Edge podcast about the future of law practice- our 41st Edition posted in March, 2011. Neither Sharon or I reviewed the earlier podcast before recording this one. So if you want to listen to both and see how our thinking had changed in 14 months, feel free to do so. And before some of you even start on that e-mail, the answer is "no," we don't plan to make that topic an annual event. But smart lawyers pay attention to trends–and of course, they also always listen to the Digital Edge podcast!

56th Edition: The Future of Law Practice