What Oklahoma event featured football legends Barry Switzer and Billy Sims, along with rock stars Tina Turner and Mick Jagger? The surprising answer is the 2011 OBA Solo and Small Firm Conference. The football legends both attended in person, while the rock stars were there via homages from our outstanding musical entertainment, New Odyssey.

Solo and small firm lawyers wear many hats. They are management and labor. They are professional service providers who also have all of the roles of any small business owner. On any given day, they may serve as chief marketing officer, chief information officer, budget director and custodian.

Juggling all of these various roles while serving clients can be challenging. The OBA Solo and Small Firm Conference is designed to help these lawyers with information about managing their practices and updates on substantive law. Read the rest of this story at http://www.okbar.org/news/front/2011/06/21-solo-success.htm

Check out the photos from the conference at http://albums.okbar.org/2011/SSF-2011 Our photographers did a great job of capturing the conference this year. There are photos of many of the attendees and speakers, as well as our special guest presenters, Tom Mighell and Sarah J. Read.