Greetings from SNOW-klahoma!  Had lots of extra time to surf the Net, but I found better uses for my time. Still I have a fair amount of reading to pass on.

NYT Writer David Pogue Ins and Outs of Calling via the Net  This is a great review of the various services and how well they work– at least how well they worked for Pogue.

11 Reminders Why You Need to Save Your Receipts (There are more who might want to see them besides you, your accountant and the IRS.)

The Client-Lawyer relationship – Can we fix it?

The Reason Your Website Isn’t Attracting New Clients

Lawyers: What Can We Learn From Zappos?

Are you creating value … or just punching the clock?

SmallLaw: Review: LastPass Password Manager  By Erik Mazzone

The Virtual Law Office: Engineered for Efficiency By Joseph Kashi

In Search of a Paperless Office By J. Anthony Vittal, with the assistance of and comments by Yvonne M. Renfrew

PACER, RECAP, and the Movement to Free American Case Law There's a good bit of drama between PACER and these open law advocates.