I'm going to try something new here. Actually for those who have used the online service now known as Delicious by Yahoo or seen Dennis Kennedy's experiments with microblogging, it might seem  old school (well, old INTERNET school anyway.)  Here's my "problem." Due to Twitter and other resources I have cultivated, I come across a fair number of online articles about law practice management and technology. Some I read and save for future reference. Some I scan. Some I tweet or retweet. Some I disregard. Some I would like to pass along with my comments via this blog. The problem is I often get very busy here and when I get back to an article much later, I sometimes feel it is too late to blog about it. Plus much new material has come in.

So this is your notice that when you see a post on my blog titled Great Reading. It will be a lot of links to articles I found worth passing along. Mostly they will have been posted that week, but sometimes they will be older. The category for these will be "Productivity Tips" even though they will be all over the map because the blog already has too many categories. So, here we go…

DimDim is DimDone: Alternatives for WebConferencing in the Aftermath of Salesforce’s Acquisition of DimDim by Jared Correia  http://masslomap.blogspot.com/2011/01/dimdim-is-dimdone-alternatives-for.html?spref=tw

How to Prevent 'The End of Lawyers –  Law Technology News http://tinyurl.com/4wzxk6x

MANAGING YOUR CLIENT TRUST ACCOUNT: Where the Buck Stops By Sheila M. Blackford http://ht.ly/3GAHS

21 Insanely Cool Add-ons To Rock Your Firefox http://www.smashingapps.com/2011/01/05/21-insanely-cool-add-ons-to-rock-your-firefox.html

Happy New Tech Year: 4 First Steps for the Next 365 Days by Dennis Kennedy ABA Journal http://www.abajournal.com/magazine/article/happy_new_tech_year/

How and Why I Use Evernote http://www.ducttapemarketing.com/blog/2011/01/27/how-and-why-i-use-evernote/

Clouds are Starting to Part Over Legal Biz. Wall Street Journal blog http://blogs.wsj.com/law/2011/01/28/clouds-are-starting-to-part-over-legal-biz/ (Don't take took much solace from  this one. Be skeptical.)