I think one of the most important practices for lawyers is discussing client expectations and making sure that new clients have reasonable expectations. A client with unrealistic expectations is probably not going to end up as a happy client, no matter how good the results. Lawyers want to achieve good results and also produce satisfied clients who will return for more legal work in the future and perhaps refer other potential clients to the lawyer.

But one South Carolina law firm has decided to use its web site to make certain their potential clients have realistic expectations about the firm before they even schedule an appointment. Check out the Client Expectations (Realistic or Unrealistic) section of their web page. Some people may be put off by the blunt language with statements like "We do not work on the weekends and do not provide emergency numbers for the weekends" or "Do not think we are perfect.  We make mistakes."

But if you read the entire expectations page, there is a good deal of good general advice about family law. It seems like they have made a strategic decision to say "If you are going to a high maintenance client, you're probably not going to be happy with us and we're probably not going to be happy with you."  Read it and judge for yourself. But one thing is certain. They have achieved the distinction of not having the same content of every other law firm's web site.