On Friday I did six presentations for the 2010 Michigan State Bar Annual Meeting and Solo & Small Firm Institute. The opening keynote was Keeping Them Satisfied -Exceeding Client Expectations Every Day, which was followed by a workshop on the same topic with audience participation. The next two presentations were taken from the books I have co-authored for the ABA – How Good Lawyers Survive Bad Times and Winning Alternatives to the Billable Hour. Next was 50 Tips in 50 Minutes with Barron K. Henley and Hon. Donald H. Passenger, a Michigan judge. As usual, I picked up a couple of tips from my fellow tipsters, which I will share in this space sometime soon. The final presentation was How Not to Commit Malpractice with Your PC. I haven't done that program in a while and as I updated it I reflected that it probably should be called How Not to Commit Malpractice with Your PC or Smartphone.

I want to thank my hosts from ICLE and the Michigan Bar. I got to have dinner the night before with Diane Ebersole and JoAnn Hathaway, my colleagues who work at the Michigan Bar Practice Management Resource Center. Grand Rapids is a beautiful city. The weather was great and downtown was hosting an arts festival that had thousands of people on the streets. I wish there had been more free time to wander through the art. I met a lot of great lawyers from Michigan—and I even made it back in time to be seated in front of the TV for kickoff of the OU-Texas game. A great road trip.