Many readers are familiar with New Orleans lawyer Ernest Svenson, aka Ernie the Attorney, and his well-known blog. I really like his 10 Tech Rules to Guide Users. (The paper is linked from his post.) It barely mentions specific products at all, but just covers concepts and attitude. I think you will enjoy and learn from his paper. In particular, I am more interested than ever in the idea of knowing everything you can do from a smart phone. 

Along that same line today, I received a press release from X1 about X1 Mobile Search for iPhone, an app to be released later this month. I've used X1 desktop search for years. Now there is about to be an iPhone app that will let you search your entire desktop machine from anywhere via your iPhone. Now I haven't used a desktop machine for years, but the idea of being able to retrieve any document, old e-mail or other file from your desktop to your iPhone is very interesting. For desktop users, this idea fits right in with a couple of Ernie's rules.