Dan Hull, on his What About Clients?™ blog, featured a Rod Stewart video with his post Hot Legs: Great–and Enduring–Customer Service Sites. I am honored that he included my blog in a fairly long list of blogs that "feature useful models, ideas, best practices and tips on effective customer service" in Dan's words. Check out these blogs, which include many of my "must read" blogs.

This morning a number of new Oklahoma lawyers are being sworn in as new lawyers. Some of them have jobs, but too many still do not. On the next two Tuesdays, some of them attend a program called Opening Your Law Practice, which is provided as a free service from the Oklahoma Bar Association. One of the messages that they will hear from me is about providing great client service. Most lawyers do their jobs well. One of the distinguishing factors between lawyers is superior client service. Whether your clients will refer others to you, "dis" you or just forget about you after their matter is over depends more on their perception of how they were treated than on any other factor. Doing great legal work in the mimimum requirement. But for you to succeed with your future plans and goals, all of your clients should receive courteous, timely service. They should clearly understand what is happening with their matter as free of legal jargon as possible. They should be regularly informed of the status of their matter. And they should know that you care about them and their matter.