The Website of the Week this week is The site's function is "What terrible business jargon do you need unsucked?" But it may work for legal jargon, too. Some examples:

Low-Hanging Fruit e.g.  Our budget’s tight on this one, so we need to go for the low-hanging fruit first. Unsucked: Easy goal.

White Paper, Whitepaper e.g. We need to publish a white paper describing our latest technology. Unsucked: Report or guide.

Hat tip to Matt Homann for the link.

Editorial Note: I haven't done a Website of the Week in a while. I started out featuring a website every week and soon redefined that to doing a Website of the Week when I found a good one. Then at the end of 2009, I stopped entirely. I'm certainly not going back to weekly, but I'll try to do more as new or interesting ones come to my attention.