People can turn on you. But you may not have thought that your old copier would turn into an informant against you. But, why not? You've kicked it to the curb, told it to get out of your life, replaced it with a new cuter model and now it is incarcerated in a warehouse with a lot of other copiers, some with unsavory pasts. It's pretty easy to see how a copier could turn into a jailhouse snitch and rat you out!

OK, now that I have your attention, check out the following video from a CBS News report on hidden confidential information contained on easily-purchased used copiers. You may not be so quick to photocopy sensitive information next time, especially at opposing counsel's office. I received several e-mails suggesting that I post on this topic. Like many of you, I assumed copier hard drives were periodically wiped and am especially put off at the suggestion by the copier salesperson that an extra $500 will fix that for you.