I'm a PMA, which stands for Practice Management Advisor. Many state bar associations and law societies have one (or more) full time person on staff to help members with practice management and technology issues. You can see if your bar association has this type of program by visiting www.abanet.org/practicemanagementadvisors. It seems that the PMA's are doing a little self-promotion this month.

Jared Correia is the law practice management advisor with the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program. He's written a blog post today titled Outside Counsel: Because You Can’t Spell ‘Practice Management Advice’ Without P-M-A. It's a short post (for Jared) and only has one word ("metasubstantive") that makes you want to consult a dictionary.

But there's more! Courtney Kennaday and I wrote our latest "Sites for Sore Eyes" Column for the June 2010 GPSolo magazine on the Practice Management Advisors Online. We take a quick tour of many PMA web sites. The point of the article (and this post) is that many of these hard-working PMA's use the Internet to share expertise and tips with their members as well as all other lawyers. Check out a few tips from the PMA's this week.