With the world's attention focused on Canada for the Olympics, now is a great time to highlight a relatively new Canadian blog. The Canadian professional liability insurer LAWPRO®'s practice assistance unit, practicePRO, launched the AvoidAClaim blog several months ago. The blog notes that AvoidAClaim has a narrow and specific focus: helping lawyers avoid legal malpractice claims. The blog has already had some good posts, including Sitting on a Non-profit Board: A Risk Management Checklist and Lawyer/Client Communication Errors Are The Biggest Cause Of Malpractice Claims.

Of course, those of us who follow these things knew it would be a valuable resource since it was under the stewardship of my good friend, Dan Pinnington. Dan is Director of practicePRO, Editor in Chief of Law Practice Magazine, co-author of A Busy Lawyer's Guide to Success and a former chair of ABA TECHSHOW. So keep up the good work, Dan, and keep up the ongoing information flow on risk management for lawyers.