Here's an article that both I and your professional liability insurance carrier wish you would read: "To Dabble or Not to Dabble." 

With a tough economy, more lawyers are being tempted, or forced, to branch out into new practice areas. This is not a bad thing. Many lawyers have found their practices evolved into areas that they did not anticipate. In fact, I recall being at a superfund defendant's meeting many years ago when our newly-hired lawyer started off by saying something to the effect of "I'm a trial lawyer, not an environmental lawyer, but I know how to learn." It wasn't too many years before he was known as a leading environmental lawyer.

But there's a big difference in making a decision to expand into a new area of law (with plans for mentoring and any needed education updates) and taking a thousand dollar fee for something you really don't do because you need the thousand dollars. You may think you will spend the time to get up to speed and ultimately most all lawyers will. But this is an area where dangers lurk, such as being unaware of local rules or local customs or the time it takes to prepare or crucial recent rulings. Adrian Baron makes the point with a witty Shakespearian touch.