The Automated Attorney is the theme of the December, 2009 GPSOLO magazine. It is one of those must read issues. Congrats to Jeff Allen and the rest of the contributors and staff. If you are not an ABA GPSOLO member, then you should thank the generous members of the section who provide all of the articles online for free. Share this link with a fellow lawyer who might have an interest in law office automation. no matter what their firm size or practice setting.

Every feature and column is worth your time!

Hardware That Automates Routine Office Tasks 
by Alan J. Klevan and Jared D. Correia

More Access Can Mean More Problems 
by Brett Burney .

Software That Automates Routine Office Tasks 
by Sandra H. Adams

Effective Software Training for Law Offices 
by Wells H. Anderson


High-Tech Penny Pinching? 
by Jim Calloway

Here's the blurb for my piece: "When adopting money-saving tools, make sure you're not "cheaping out" with technology that wastes your time."
Law Firm Marketing 2.0: Internet Marketing for Rainmakers 
by Stephen Fairley

Widgets and Apps 
by Anita Fuoss, Jason Beahm, and Aaron J. Rittmaster

The GPSolo 2009 Shopping Guide to Holiday Techno-Gifts 
by Jeffrey Allen  
It may be too late for holiday shopping, but Jeff has outdone himself with this year's review of cool gadgets, phones and office equipment. So you may see something you really need to buy for yourself.

The Road Warrior Looks at Netbooks by Jeffrey Allen

BEING SOLO – Techno Tips and Tricks 2009: Being Solo Strikes Back By David Leffler

And last but not leastSites for Sore Eyes this month is AUTOMATE THIS by Jim Calloway and Courtney Kennaday. We focus on web sites lawyers can visit to help automate parts of their practices.

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