One of the easiest ways for lawyers to both do a public service and give their firm a little marketing boost is to give speeches to civic organizations and community groups. If you haven't done that in a while, think of how you can gain some exposure doing this during 2010. Contact someone you know who is a member of a group to ask who arranges for presentations at their meetings. You can talk about the legal system generally or a topic within your area of expertise. I note in our Oklahoma Bar Journal such diverse persentations as Edmond lawyer Courtney Davis Powell driving out to Elk City, Oklahoma to discuss wage garnishments with a group of human resources professionals and Tulsa attorney Leah Farish speaking to the United Nations' Special Politcal and De-Colonization Committe earlier this year at the United Nations. Not every speech will bring your new clients. But the mere fact that the attendees get to meet you and hear from you may make it likely they would feel comfortable calling on you if they need legal services in the future.