The ABA Journal has a story about Brooklyn Law School professor Anita Bernstein's Cornell Law Review article discussing the various potential pitfalls of law practice that she argues should be presented to law students. It is a great topic and I commend the professor for making sure it was widely available online. Lawyers know that the media depictions of a lawyer's life can give aspiring lawyers an unrealistic view of the day-to-day work in our profession.

Law reviews have an important place in our profession. I was very proud to have been named to the Oklahoma Law Review many years ago. However, as someone who doesn't regularly read law review articles anymore, I was struck by the dense academic prose which made it hard for me to read an article on a topic that was of interest to me. I suppose that the language of academia still has its place, but I remain a supporter of the plain English writing style. The target audience for this article is obviously other law professors. I am reminded that lawyers should consider their target audience when they write and correspondence to clients shouldn't read like law review articles.