A lawyer I know told me she had to complete her "semi" work before going on vacation. She continued , "you know, in case I get hit by a semi while on vacation, I wouldn't want people to find a mess here." Unfortunately, life is unpredictable and be it a semi mishap or just not waking up one morning, none of us knows when that day will happen.

In these times not only could someone find a mess in your office, but they might take digital pictures of it that could end up online. Take a look at these pictures from a deceased lawyer's office in the recent blog post by Courtney Kennaday of the the South Caroline Bar "When you go to Heaven…will your practice look like this?"

The point isn't really how messy your desk might be, but how organized your files are and how easy it will be for those who follow you to take care of your clients and your uncompleted work. So, as Courtney did, I'll take one more opportunity to mention the article "When You Go to Heaven, Will Your Practice Go to Hell?" that Courtney and ReidTrautz published earlier this year.

Take a few minutes now to read the article and plan, so pictures like those won't be a part of your legacy.