Many lawyers are finding themselves in the position of opening a law practice due to circumstances that were not entirely voluntary. The July, 2009 edition of Law Practice Today has the theme Suddenly Solo and it is a great collection of articles and links to many online resources. This webzine is an incredible resource for new lawyers starting a practice as well. Let's spread the word about this resource. Blog it, Tweet it. Link to it. And, most importantly, take a few minutes to e-mail the link to any lawyer you know who may be in the process of starting up a small firm practice.

The link above is to the current issue of Law Practice Today. As we say in blogging jargon, here is the permalink: This should be good for years into the future if you want to add the link to a website. 

Between the articles and the linked resources contained in this issue, a lawyer can invest hours of reading, study and planning their future here.

I'll note that Allison Shields and I contributed 50 Web Resources for the Suddenly Solo Lawyer. It was great working with Allison.

This month's Digital Edge podcast features Sharon Nelson and me interviewing Ross Kodner on the topic of How Good Lawyers Survive Bad Times. Look for a new book from the American Bar Association with that title coming very soon. 

But there are many other great articles. The volunteers of the editorial board of LPT have done a great job this month, as have my fellow contributors. Now it is time to do your part and spent a moment or two sharing the link with those you know.and encouraging them to pass it along.

(UPDATE: Fixed bad links. Sorry about that.)