Top 10 Ways To Get Fired By Your Lawyer is from Des Moines, Iowa attorney Brett J. Trout on his BlawgIT site. OK, it is only March, but in my opinion, this is one of the best blog posts of the year 2009. You will enjoy reading this.

But, of course, the audience you really want to read this is all of your present and future clients. I think Brett's post is going to get a lot of "link love" from a lot of people. But, Brett, after the traffic has subsided, you really need to think about converting this to a downloadable PDF (with your contact info in the footer, of course) and letting other lawyers hand it out to their new clients. Maybe this would be a great public service and marketing tool for you, or maybe they'd need to donate a small amount to your favorite charity for lifetime distribution rights.

But I digress. Go read Top 10 Ways To Get Fired By Your Lawyer and then send the link to someone who needs to read it too.