If I am doing a CLE program, I'll generally try to submit written materials and not just print the PowerPoint slides for my materials. (There are exceptions.) But if I have submitted written materials in advance that are not the same as my PowerPoint slides, I would often be interrupted at the beginning of the presentation with "I don't have the slides here in the materials! Where can I get slides? Will you send me the slides?"

So here's the solution. The day before the program (or the hour before if I'm being bad,) I print the PowerPoint slides to a PDF file; 2 or 3 slides per page depending on the images used. Then I use YouSendIt to "send" that file to my assistant or another of my e-mail accounts. I then copy the URL on the YouSendit download page and run it through Tinyurl.com to make it smaller. Then I go back to my original PowerPoint and paste that tiny URL into the second page of the presentation in a very big font. It takes less than five minutes and now the second page of thePowerPointsays "Don't get writer's cramp. Download a PDF of this PowerPoint at http:TinyUrlWhatever." (Remember a big font on the URL.) 

Without becoming a paying subscriber, YouSendIt only allows 100 downloads, so if it is a really big audience, a simple workaround is do the above twice and have two links on the slide, with one link for last names  A – L and one for M – Z. But realistically only 10% will ever download it anyway. Of course I also have to warn them that the link will only be active for 30 days, but I actually think there are more downloads of the file when there is a deadline. Most importantly, when I finish the presentation, I don't have an assignment afterwards to e-mail something to an attendee.