PC World blogger Rick Broida's post "Get More From Outlook With Hassle-Free PC" is so good that you should go read it right now if you are an Outlook user. I subscribe to his weekly e-mail even though receiving too much e-mail is my biggest problem issue. But I'd glad I got this one. (You can subscribe at the link above.)

Short summary:

Xobni is a free “must have” Outlook add on. I’ve been familiar with this for a while. Definite must have for Outlook 2003 users and it is still good for Outlook 2007. Indexes e-mails. Other tools. Name is “inbox” spelled backwards.

There’s a YouSendIt plugin for Outlook! 

“With PhraseExpress, the Autotext functionality that is so popular in MS Office is now available in all Windows programs, including Internet Browsers and Messenger Programs.” It is free for personal use and $49.95 for business use. I copied the above quote from this week's press release on the new version.