This week's Website of the Week is the collection of educational video clips from LawProse. These contain some great two- or three-minute lessons on legal writing. In particular, I suggest you view the interviews with U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Clarence Thomas. You will find both videos thought-provoking. Scroll down to the archives for a lot of additional material. (I didn't see the button to make the video display full-screen, so you can use right click and Zoom to do that.)

This site was suggested by William Bernhardt in a recent OBA seminar on improving your legal writing skills. Bernhardt is New York Times-bestselling author of over twenty mystery-thrillers that have sold more than ten million copies worldwide. He is also a member of the Oklahoma Bar Association. As someone who has spent a good deal of time following the cases and adventures of fictional Oklahoma lawyer Ben Kincaid, it was great to get some writing tips from his creator.