I sometimes wonder how productive we all would be if we all got really good training on the technology we use. I sometimes cringe when I see someone trying to "lasso" a word to select it instead of just double clicking on it or someone grabbing the mouse to click on the menu bar for something instead of just using a keybaord shortcut. Then there are those who forward a false e-mail to hundreds of colleagues because they didn’t know to "Snopes-cize" it first.

Check out David Pogue’s latest column, Tech Tips for the Basic Computer User. I’ll bet you find something there that "everyone knows," but you didn’t. Years ago many of these were fodder for "Tips" sessions at legal technology conferences like ABA TECHSHOW. But a surprising number of people still do things the slow way every day. Forward the link to this column to some (or all) of your co-workers.

Update: The blog version of his column allows comments from readers. It is online at this location. Since noon today, the moderator has approved 238 comments from others submitting their favorite tech tips.