Well, in my ever-challenging quest to keep you, my readers, on the cutting edge of technology advances, I am compelled to pass along to you 25 Gotta Have Travel Gadgets from that old media giant, Time magazine.

This list really illustrates so many changes, both in society generally and specifically for the business traveler. A laptop and mobile phone are the minimum business requirements for the road warrior, with the iPod or MP3 player on the personal "must have" list. How many of these items were only sci fi entertainment just a decade ago? I noted interesting GPS devices, the Kindle, a drinking water sanitizer, the HP EliteBook 6930p Laptop that can fold down and scan business cards with the built in camera, all sorts of power accessories and Apple’s Airport Express, which can serve as your light and inexpensive portable wireless hub for hotel room stays or meetings. Check them out. You may find something you can’t live without.