Andy Adkins is a a great guy. He is a well-known legal technology consultant, speaker and author. As he says it:

  • "I’m not a lawyer. I’m actually an electronics engineer by education and practice. I am also a self-educated legal technology consultant, independent, and have personally consulted with more than 350 law firms, law departments, law schools, courts, and legal vertical companies in my 15 years in this industry….I’ve made more than 220 presentations to attendees all over the country and written more than 100 articles during these years. I’ve had the honor and privilege to be the chair of the ABA TECHSHOW (2000 and 2001) and the co-chair of the LegalTech Conferences (2000 – 2007)."

Andy recently decided to put his thoughts down about the changes he has seen in legal technology over the last 20 years and the current trends in law office technology. The result is Techo Retro: What I’ve Learned in the Last 20 Years, a 14 page essay in PDF format that you can download and read for free. Thanks, Andy, for your thoughts and your service to the legal industry.