OK, here’s the answer to a problem that you may not have had yet, but you will. Trust me.

New York Times Tech Columnist David Pogue’s column today is How to Block Cellphone Spam. You may not have experienced mobile phone spam yet, but it is coming and, as he notes, it is much worse than e-mail spam. Unlike e-mail spam, you may have to pay for this depending on your plan, you have to open it to delete it and it makes your phone beep (surely every lawyer has turned off the incoming mail sound notification of their e-mail program by now–if not, do it now.) Read David Pogue’s article. If you don’t want to make these changes now, do whatever you usually do to be able to locate it again. Print it. Save it. Bookmark it. AT&T and Verizon customers have great solutions. T-Mobile is a little less so, but good. Sprint’s needs upgrading. I’m not tell you how here. Click on the link to read the article.