Well, you should be thinking of Work/Life Balance regularly and not just when the summer weather reminds us of a time when school was out and your schedule was open for a few months. The May, 2008 Oklahoma Bar Journal was devoted to a Work/Life Balance theme.

My contribution to the issue was Technology & Stress: Good Tools or Bad Tools, which was an update of a piece I did several years back. But if you’ve never before read Calloway’s Rules of Technology and Stress, you’ve missed an important part of your legal education.   J

This is one issue of the Oklahoma Bar Journal that should resonate with most lawyers and provide some food for thought where ever you may live or practice. It begins with Work/Life Balance Initiatives in the Legal Profession by Melanie Jester, chair of the OBA’s Work/Life Balance Committee. Melanie is a very nice person and has been an advocate of this issue for some time. Next we have Behind the Slash By Sarah Glick. The slash is a reference to Marci Alboher’s book One Person/Multiple Careers: A New Model for Work/Life Success (Warner Business: 2007).

Caroline Larsen contributes Sentenced to Life, an article about health and nutrition. Lots of links to healthy information here, even if it did make me crave a Snickers bar. The article What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate: Cross-Cultural Communication 101 for Lawyers By Teresa Rendon and Michael Duggan contained my favorite question of the month, "If Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus, What Planet Are Lawyers from?"

Stress isn’t just a health issue as illustrated by Mistakes We Make under Pressure By Dr. Wenona R. Barnes.

The issue includes a substantive treatment of a legal topic with Family Responsibility Discrimination: Recognizing Unlawful Discrimination against Family Caregivers by Leah Avey and Tim Eisel.

Finally we have a set of Work/Life Balance Internet Resources. Congratulations to the OBA Journal editors and staff and the OBA’s Work/Life Balance Committee for a nice collaborative effort.