I think all-on-a-page news aggregators are pretty slick and I’ve featured several of them already this year. Law.alltop.com is a really nice example of combining many newsfeeds from blogs and law-related news sources. The great thing here is you can hover over any headline and see all or a large part of the linked item. This preview lets you decide whether you want to click for the entire item or not. This is very cool and law firm web designers should take note. Law was not the first subject of an Alltop treatment. The Alltop site shows you the varied collections that have already been created.

We’re still getting quite a few visits to our Oklahoma Bar Law Practice aggregator, with tips from the practice management advisors, and its three companion aggregators. There are more advanced methods with more customization and features. But, for now, it seems like many lawyers like the idea of a simple "click, click" for their news and information break as noted in this article.