Courtney Kennaday and I have just published "See You Later, at the Aggregators!" for our column Sites for Sore Eyes that appears regularly in the ABA GP Solo Division Technology eReport.

Despite the huge initial embrace of RSS newsfeeds and newsreaders from the technology early adopters, many lawyers and other Net users have shied away from fully embracing the RSS concept, at least intentionally. So this month Courtney and I decided to outline all the different forms of news aggregators, from those that will download all of the feeds you want into a inbox and save them until you have time to review them to the simple idea of customizing a personal news page so that you can visit it when you have the time.

So if you really don’t understand RSS feeds or news aggregators, this article is for you. But even those who use an aggregator now may want to read this to learn of the newest options that are now available. Hopefully more court opinions will be available via RSS feeds, like the Oklahoma appellate court opinions (and other states we mention in the article.) As I have noted before the effect of court RSS feeds is just like free electronic advance sheets.