If you were to try to boil down into three words the most important thing for a law firm to focus on to succeed, you couldn’t go wrong with "superior client service." Leo Bottery did a post listing numerous Client Service blogs, which revisits a list Dan Hull published in early 2007. I’m happy my blog was on the list and inspired to do more client services postings the remainer of the year. But, the main reason I point this out to my readers is the great chance to do a little client service improvement in your own law firm. Here’s one idea. Take 90 or so uninterrupted minutes with this list of blogs and a legal pad and pen. (See, I’m really an old fashioned guy at heart who still likes a pen.) Visit several of these blogs. Read the most recent posts and click on some of the categories or past month’s archives. There are 30. So if one doesn’t speak to you, move quickly on. Make some notes. After some time for reflection, try to come up with three simple ways you can improve your client services. E-mail the other decision makers and set a quick meeting to discuss implementation. (Hat tip to Larry Bodine.)