Day Two of ABA TECHSHOW 2008

Microsoft’s OneNote is definitely not just for tablet PC’s. At $99 it may be the best purchase bargain from Microsoft. See Nerino Petro’s recent post Microsoft OneNote is No One Trick Pony.

I love for sending large files to others rather than attaching them to e-mails. But ABA TECHSHOW 2008 chair Tom Mighell points out that does that and a lot more, also at no charge. LifeHacker likes it too!

Another Web service I learned about at the collaboration presentation by Tom and Dennis Kennedy was Crossloop, a simple way to connect two computers over the Internet. If your friend or relative is having a computer problem, it may be easier for you to use this to take over their computer and fix it yourself rather than trying to diagnose and repair it by asking questions and telling them what to do.

Barron Henley tells us ink jet printers are not worth using any more due to the ridiculously high cost of the ink cartridges. He got a good laugh showing a chart demonstrating that ink jet ink is much more expensive than any other precious liquid, including human blood.

This year’s entry in the "Things I’m going to try to convince my wife that we need to buy post-TECHSHOW" category is the ChargePod from CallPod.

I’m pretty hard on technology. As the presenters were discussing the IronKey flash drive, John Simek pulled his out and let me examine this extra tough flash drive with extra security features built it. Lawyers take note. If you are carrying confidential client data around on a flash drive, these security features may be what you need.