When the Columbus Bar Association invited me to give several presentations to their solo and small firm lawyers, none of us knew it would be a historic day for Columbus. But Friday as I talked, it started snowing. And it snowed and snowed and snowed. As most everyone knows by now, the total ended up being 20 inches, setting several weather records for Columbus, OH. My Friday evening flight was canceled as were hundreds of others. Our program attendees stayed until the end. We really had a great time discussing improving their practices. But then they got to go home. I didn’t. The Columbus Bar staff was great, making sure I had a place to stay at the nearby Hyatt (which did fill completely full later that night.) CBA President Nelson E Genshaft insisted I go to dinner and an art gallery reception with him and his wife Friday night (which was possible only because the gallery, restaurant and his house were all close to my hotel.)

My view of that state capitol Saturday morning could only be described as a blizzard.


Well, I was more than a little upset when I learned my rescheduled flight was cancelled and my next option was Monday. But I got a little perspective when i ran into a group downstairs at breakfast. They were all in town for a wedding. The location where it was to be held advised them it would not be open for them. Some of the guests were stranded in other airports. One of the ladies asked the bride, "What are we going to do?" The bride-to-be burst into laughter and said, "I’m going to get married! We just don’t know where yet." Later I overheard her laughing that everyone would remember her wedding. I guess that goes to show you that attitude really is everything.

I hated to lose the weekend with my family, but I thought how happy I was I packed extra clothes I wouldn’t need and remembered to pack my slippers and mobile phone charger, things I often forget. I had Internet access and cable TV. But I also kept optimisticly calling the airline and guess what? I am live blogging from the airport on Sunday, not Monday, and about to board my flight home.