I didn’t get a chance to have a conversation with Mike McBride at ABA TECHSHOW. My loss.

But his reports on the sessions he attended at ABA TECHSHOW were very detailed, passing along some of the very useful content he heard in each session. They were short enough to be read quickly and long enough to actually teach something. It is worthwhile to read all of his TECHSHOW posts.

But that’s not the only reason why I’ve selected the blog portion of The Many Faces of Mike McBride as my Website of the Week. Mike posts lots of content online. He’s a litigation support guy, but his interests range broadly. He posts his photos to Flickr. He uses Twitter. He’s on MySpace and Facebook. If there’s a new Web 2.0 tool, Mike’s probably already using it.

This week I featured several links to newly posted great Web content in the form of numbered lists of tips or sites. I now reveal I got them all from Mike’s del.icio.us page, which was contantly being updated even as I went back to review it. He calls his del.icio.us page, My Link Blog, which is as good a way to refer to a del.icio.us page as any. If you’ve never visited a del.icio.us page, try Mike’s del.icio.us page. Just click on the link, no special software needed or training required. (I’ve often thought that del.icio.us really hurt its growth by using such a quirky name.)

I end the week thinking that I really need to set up a del.icio.us page, too. But when? Maybe I need to go reread the time management article I linked to earlier this week.