My friend Dennis Kennedy has posted his annual predictions on This year’s edition is called "Eight Legal Technology Trends for 2008 – Good Times, Bad Times or Hard Times in Legal Tech?" I’ll specifically note numbers 1 and 2 and let you follow the link for the rest.

  1. "Making Better Use of What You Already Own." This is always a important concept, but even more so during tough economic times. Law firms sometimes can pay for new software and training without even understanding that the current software might do all or part of what they need– if someone would only explore the advanced features.
  2. "Lawyers Win Round 1 in the E-discovery Battle . . . by a Wide Margin." I have to confess this one caught me a little off guard. But Dennis correctly notes that while there were many predictions of the immediate changes in litigation this year, "electronic discovery remains a trickle rather than a flood in today’s litigation world." But, to borrow the analogy, one round does not make a match. So, we’ll see how this progresses as much is happening on the electronic discovery front. I would point out a prior post by Dennis "26 Electronic Discovery Trends for 2008" and Craig Ball’s recent 17 electronic discovery predictions.