When I’m back from ABA TECHSHOW, I always have a conflict between a lot of new ideas I want to share with my readers and a pile of work that has accumulated at the office. So this week, I’m going to try a theme on Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips. I’m going to pass along some great Tips articles online each and every day. Then on Friday, I’ll share something about where I located them. I really like this idea because I’m assigning all of you readers a lot of work and me not so much. (Other trying to do some of the things in the Tips articles I haven’t been doing.) But I also like this idea because if you read all of the articles I am giving you this week and do several of these things, it could be very, very big for your productivity. Trust me.

Ed Bott is a well-known technology writer with a couple of decades of experience. This month on ZDNet, he published My 10 Favorite Windows Programs of All Time. Having someone with his experience give you his top ten utilities, ones that he has relied on for years in most cases, is pretty huge. The article is fairly long and detailed, containing some of my favorite utility programs and several I’m been meaning to try out for some time. The article has already proven to be very popular online, so try to finish the main article before looking at what looks like hundreds of posted comments with applause, kudos and other suggestions that the posters think should have made the list. Then try out the program that looks most useful to you.