I’m a bit late congratulating my friend Dennis Kennedy on his new gig as technology columnist for the ABA Journal.  He will make interesting use of that platform.

His first column was titled "Finding It—Difficult." He noted how desktop search tools allow you to save interesting articles quickly, perhaps all in one folder, and be able to find them later. I’ve been using that approach for well over a year now with my My Library folder and it has paid dividends. I know that the librarian and cataloger types must cringe at the "toss them all together, let search tools sort them out" approach. But it works for me, primarily because I don’t have to take the time to figure out which folder or classification to use when I want to save something. I do save the items with a long descriptive file name.

The second column from Dennis is Power Passwords. Some savvy readers will be familiar with this information, but a lot of ABA Journal readers will probably learn some important concepts that are new to them.

Congratulations, Dennis. We look forward to more wit and wisdom from you. And, for the four or five readers of my blog who have never visited Dennis’s blog, stop by there, too.