This month I decided to put together a legal technology quiz. Take the quiz here.

I will confess up front that entertainment was the primary goal here rather than true benchmarking of knowledge. Nevertheless, if you get a 3 or 4, you might have some cause for concern. I will note that the best possible score a non-Oklahoma lawyer can get is 14 rather than 15, so adjust the scoring accordingly. No use of Google or other search engines is allowed. Gray matter searches only please.

I also notice that the Beckman and Hirsh technology column in the October, 2007 ABA Journal also included a quiz, but in a much more serious vein. Take that quiz here. I must note that this appears to be the last Beckman and Hirsh column in the ABA Journal, at least as a regular feature. Thanks to David Beckman and David Hirsh for their many years of service to the legal community.