I first became aware of the Shepard Law Group as a result of legal media coverage they received when they banished the billable hour from their firm. Jay Shepard came up with a very cute idea for the name of a blog related to employment law issues: Gruntled Employees. (After all you don’t want DISgruntled employees, do you?)

Since most law firms are also employers, it is good to keep up with this substantive legal area and Jay’s posts are always easy to read and well-thought out. But Jay’s posts are not limited to employer-employee matters. Here’s a great recent post (with links) on alternatives to hourly billing. But the post I really want you to read is one entitled "Your employees are the sizzle." He notes his experience in a restaurant and relates it to customer services generally. As a lot of Oklahoma lawyers are aware, I like to use restaurant analogies when I talk about client service. In fact I just recorded a webcast on improving client services for the OBA. You should be able to purchase by going to this Webpage in a few days.

Pay a visit to Gruntled Employees, this week’s Website of the Week.