I have been thinking destructive thoughts recently. Last month (August 4th, 2007) in the Oklahoma Bar Journal I wrote an article titled "Closing Files, Destroying Files and Making Money." I was proud of this article and the focus on the interplay between file closing and file destruction policies. But some more related materials crossed my desk after my deadline and, when it was published, someone noted that I really didn’t discuss much about the mechanics of destroying old client files. And, I had not touched destruction of digital client materials at all.

So this month (September 1, 2007), I followed it up with Closing Files, Destroying Files and Making Money  (Part 2) How to Shred Almost Anything. This article turned out to be fairly long and it covered many more topics than just the physical act of shredding files. I cited some utilities to aid in digital file destrcution as well. I hope this pair of articles is useful to a broad range of lawyers in all sizes of firms as a fairly good treatment of the topic. Noted author and lecturer Jay Foonberg also gave me permission to reprint his "Implied Consent to Destruction Letter" as a useful form.