David Pogue’s New York Times Circuits column this week is on "The Next Generation of Online Shorthand." So this is new suggested shorthand terms, past LOL, AFK, and BRB. It is good reading for right before a three day weekend.

Some favorites of mine:

* GI — Google it

* GGNUDP — gotta go, no unlimited data plan

* 12OF — twelve-o’clock flasher (refers to someone less than competent with technology, to the extent that every appliance in the house flashes "12:00")

* MBLO — much better-looking online For the entire column, click this link. (Free registration may be required.)

BTW, I subscribed to the e-mail version of this so I get it every week in my inbox and don’t miss one. That is also free. I like it, but YMMV.